Go NUTS with Squirrelly Surveillance

On January 22, the nature cams were officially activated. Developers Joon, Pol, Muutsch, Char, and Torfi launched NUTS for mobile, offering a game of voyeurism that has us peeking into the lives of some rather sus squirrels. Melmoth Forest and its secrets beckon to us, daring us to scrutinize those cameras and discern the mysterious movements of its inhabitants. NUTS is summarized with the following:

“A single-player surveillance mystery. Record the squirrels, report your findings, and piece together what’s really going on in Melmoth Forest.”

It’s a charming concept on its own, but the visual flair NUTS employs is the real hook. Bold color schemes back a simple sketch style, making NUTS look as surreal as the narrative feels. Viago University awaits your results, player, and you’d best not disappoint them with some lame story about squirrels being simply…squirrels. NUTS is out now for mobile and will launch for PC and Switch on February 8.