Pencil Mundaun in for March 16

In the depths of a sinister alpine valley, the boundaries of reality flex and fluctuate. Switzerland-based Hidden Fields‘s Mundaun, an homage to wintry mountains and devilish myths, launches on March 16. Hidden Fields promises a terrifying journey for intrepid players, describing their project with the following:

“Mundaun is a lovingly hand-penciled horror tale set in a dark, secluded valley of the alps. Explore various areas full of secrets to discover, survive hostile encounters, drive vehicles, fill your inventory and solve a variety of hand-crafted puzzles.”

Puzzles and horror have always gone hand in hand in this medium, but Hidden Fields introduces a new aesthetic to the mix: that of textures painstakingly drawn with a pencil. Both nostalgic and unsettling, Mundaun is an exercise in creeping terror–in the sensation that something unseen has gone horribly wrong. Mundaun releases for PC and most major consoles on March 16.