Sink Your Teeth into the Scrap Story Halloween Demo

On October 31, ScrapPaperDev put a serious bucket of treats outside their door…a bucket in the shape of a fall-themed demo for the upcoming Scrap StoryScrappy Halloween is a bite-sized experience that sends players on the most crucial of hunts–the hunt for Halloween candy. The wrapping on the demo says:

“It’s festive season in Scrappy Town and you have a hankering for some sweets. You have two days to explore a peaceful autumn forest in search of 50 pieces of candy. Along your travel you might find yourself stumbling into some spookier areas like an eerily quiet cornfield or a dark and mysterious forest.”

Trick-or-treat your way through the town’s spooky inhabitants, stare deeply into every halfway suspicious corner, and don’t linger too long in any one place. You only have two days to collect your candy, and on the dawn of the third your journey will come to an end. Scrappy Halloween is just a sweet taste of what’s to come for Scrap Story, as Paper Prelude is slated for release sometime in 2021. Scrappy Halloween is out now for PC only.

Scrappy Halloween Screenshot