On Feb. 4, Flee a Familiar Pixel Prison in qomp

Pong is billed as the first commercially successful video game…ever. It’s the bedrock upon which the industry was seeded, and to this day it remains a symbol of nostalgia, even for those who cut their gaming teeth on later titles. But whatever happened to the poor sap forever bound between two merciless paddles? When it flies off the screen, where does it go? Where could it go? Developers Miroko, Clovelt, Britt Brady, and Stuffed Wombat explore these questions in qomp, describing it with these few words:

“You are the Ball. Escape.”

qomp‘s meta foray takes players beyond the familiar screen and on a journey that has only one goal: freedom. The title promises around two hours of gameplay, as well as boss fights and a variety of mechanics to grapple with. It’s not meant to be an exercise in masochism, so accessibility options include everything from aim assist to invincibility. You’re the ball. Escape! qomp launches for PC only on February 4.