A Monster's Expedition

Game Preview: A Monster’s Expedition

Humans may be a thing of the past, but the trinkets and curios they’ve left behind are a fascination of the present in A Monster’s Expedition by Draknek & Friends. You are the monster. You’ve arrived at an outdoor museum of sorts, a museum shrouded in fog and begging to be explored. As you creep […]

An Interesting Journey of Monsieur PAF Preview

Game Preview: An Interesting Journey of Monsieur PAF

An Interesting Journey of Monsieur PAF is a challenging escapade through puzzle-bound ruins that makes such twists and turns as to leave your bodybuilding archaeologist befuddled. Isometric movement riddles see the monsieur leaping across treacherous distances, shoving statues across crumbling floors, and punching…everything. Just in case. An Interesting Journey of Monsieur PAF is France-based Ernestine’s […]

LUNA The Shadow Dust Op

Game Overview: LUNA The Shadow Dust by Lantern Studio

Embrace the tingling warmth of glowing lanterns and the creeping chill of stooping shadows in Lantern Studio‘s monumental new title, LUNA The Shadow Dust. Lantern Studio’s four-person team is releasing LUNA The Shadow Dust on February 13, the perfect date to be a singularly beautiful and well-timed love letter to gamers everywhere. Originally a Kickstarter […]


Game Preview: Trüberbrook by btf

Studio btf‘s point-and-click adventure Trüberbrook is a hearty feast for the eyes. Set to launch March 12 for PC and April 17 for consoles, Trüberbrook is a marvelous escapade through 1960s Germany. Trüberbrook smashes genre expectations with glee, cobbling together elements of sci-fi, mystery, and adventure– often hurtling in one direction, then doubling back at breakneck speed. […]


Game Preview: Rainswept by Frostwood Interactive

Rainswept, studio Frostwood Interactive‘s murder mystery title, isn’t afraid to engage the waterworks. Come its release on February 1, players will quickly find that Rainswept hits the accelerator on the storyline and lands a serious punch with a plot that revolves around a bullet to the side of the head. Travel to the town of Pineview […]

Feudal Alloy

Game Overview: Feudal Alloy by Attu Games

Never has a robot — a fish-controlled robot, much less — so quickly warmed the heart with so brief of an introduction. Meet Attu, the hero of Czech Republic-based studio Attu Games‘s recently-released Feudal Alloy.  Feudal Alloy launched on January 17 and swiftly wormed its way into many featured lists with its unique, handmade spin on the […]

Rift Keeper

Game Preview: Rift Keeper by Frymore

On January 14, platform your way through the many handcrafted dungeons in Rift Keeper, developed by studio Frymore and published by Maple Whispering Co. Ambitious and fast-paced, Rift Keeper threatens you with a timer and keeps you quick on your feet with dastardly enemies and frequent platforming. Play as a rift keeper summoned to a town silent but for […]

Anew The Distant Light

Game Preview: Anew: The Distant Light by Resonator

California-based studio Resonator’s upcoming indie Anew: The Distant Light proffers a wholly immersive experience, transporting players into a sci-fi universe brimming with stunning visuals, deadly enemies, and chilling sound design — and all that, merely in its current alpha demo form. Anew: The Distant Light is a single-player title featuring a sprawling, side-scrolling open world. You play as a […]

My Memory of Us

Game Overview: My Memory of Us by Juggler Games

Anything swathed in Patrick Stewart’s expressive, unmistakable tones is bound to be a treasure worth keeping — and My Memory of Us pays tribute to its narrator tenfold with its bittersweet story, striking visuals, and timeless themes. My Memory of Us, studio Juggler Games‘ first title, released October 9 on Steam and Xbox One. This indie takes inspiration […]

The Greater Good Preview

Game Preview: The Greater Good by Sam Enright

The Greater Good, planned for release on October 23, is one man’s love letter to electronica, RPGs of yore, and thoughtful storytelling. Developed and published solely by Sam Enright, The Greater Good is an affectionately handcrafted turn-based indie that delivers a compelling tale swathed in a unique minimalism. Play as Flint, a  mysterious soldier conflicted and […]


Game Preview: Underhero by Paper Castle Games

Few games will have you laughing out loud in the first ten minutes of gameplay as often as you will in Underhero. Paper Castle Games‘ spunky indie entry has you playing a true “underhero” — a minion of the current evil baddie, suddenly thrust into a responsibility normally reserved for superheroes: that of saving the world. […]


Game Overview: Grimmwood – They Come at Night by Big Moustache Games

Conquer the midnight frenzy of monsters in Grimmwood – They Come at Night, a superb and intelligent survival MMO that manages to strong-arm you into working with  complete strangers to succeed — and mysteriously, makes you have a good time while doing it. Big Moustache Games’ Grimmwood is a self-described “challenging co-op MMO, seamlessly blending elements of […]

Castaway Paradise

Game Overview: Castaway Paradise by Stolen Couch Games

Put down Dark Souls: Remastered. Put down Nioh. Put down Overwatch. Put down everything that normally makes you effuse blood, sweat, tears, or a combination of all three. Why? Because it’s summertime. And if you aren’t already on vacation somewhere tropical, there exists a title that’ll happily whisk you there. That title? Castaway Paradise, the charmingly Animal Crossing-stylized town builder that […]


Game Overview: Umiro by Diceroll Studios

Devolver Digital knows what they’re doing. If they’re publishing a tiny indie from a tiny, unheard-of studio, they probably have already done the dirty work for gamers and unearthed a shining and deeply buried gem. Such is the case with Umiro, a $2.99 puzzler that provides a value well beyond its meager price tag, and which […]