Game Overview: Umiro by Diceroll Studios

Devolver Digital knows what they’re doing. If they’re publishing a tiny indie from a tiny, unheard-of studio, they probably have already done the dirty work for gamers and unearthed a shining and deeply buried gem. Such is the case with Umiro, a $2.99 puzzler that provides a value well beyond its meager price tag, and which is indeed published by Devolver Digital.

Developed by Diceroll Studios, Umiro is a petite indie that takes you through startlingly beautiful levels as Huey and Satura, two children that find themselves lost and missing memories. The objective is to draw a line from them to a crystal that serves as their goal, neatly dodging a variety of obstacles in your way.

It’s not a complicated title in any shape or form, but it’s not complexity that Umiro needs to succeed. Each level is beautifully shaped and designed to be brief, although oftentimes mentally strenuous. The story is vague, but deliciously so, and will carry you until you reach the very end — a satisfying, if not altogether shocking one.

Mobile-optimized and Steam-friendly, Umiro is accessible, charming, and genuinely endearing. It may only take three hours or so to complete, but that $2.99 price tag still feels far below the benchmark for what a game this polished and sweet should go for. Give it a whirl, if only for the wonderful geometric art.