Kickstarter-Backed Pixel Princess Blitz Promises Pixel-Perfect Visuals

It’s not too late to back Pixel Princess Blitz, the action RPG taking Kickstarter by storm with its delectably adorable pixel visuals and petite, fearless heroine. Developed by Lanze Games, Pixel Princess Blitz is planned for a whole slew of platforms, including the PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and PC.

Claiming to be a “sandbox roguelite,” this indie entry proffers a truly dynamic experience with a heavily populated world full of towns, monsters, and warring factions, each with their own agenda. Kuruna, your heroine, can be equipped with a variety of items generated by random, and you’ll have to manage your limited resources for an extra layer of strategy.

So far, Pixel Princess Blitz has already achieved almost twice the amount in pledges that they were hoping for, and the gaming community seems to be in agreement about the incredible potential for this pixelated treasure. Pop by their Kickstarter project to learn more and explore what Pixel Princess Blitz has in store for you.