Game Preview: Rift Keeper by Frymore

On January 14, platform your way through the many handcrafted dungeons in Rift Keeper, developed by studio Frymore and published by Maple Whispering Co. Ambitious and fast-paced, Rift Keeper threatens you with a timer and keeps you quick on your feet with dastardly enemies and frequent platforming.

Play as a rift keeper summoned to a town silent but for the few voices of eager and amply-supplied merchants. A church awaits your uncertain footsteps — inside, a rift beckons, and you’ll be thrust forth into your first dungeon. As you progress through the dungeons, you’ll be on loot-alert for coins, collectibles, and other goods. Be warned, however: with great power comes a great price. Many of the items you’ll discover boost you in one way, and damage you in another.

An original soundtrack pumps life into your mad dungeon-dashing, and a wide array of customized dungeons and bosses stand at the ready. Developed by a two-person team over more than a year, Rift Keeper proffers a roguelite experience in tune with the current industry-wide focus on the genre. Rift Keeper releases on January 14 for PC on Steam.