Game Preview: Trüberbrook by btf

Studio btf‘s point-and-click adventure Trüberbrook is a hearty feast for the eyes. Set to launch March 12 for PC and April 17 for consoles, Trüberbrook is a marvelous escapade through 1960s Germany. Trüberbrook smashes genre expectations with glee, cobbling together elements of sci-fi, mystery, and adventure– often hurtling in one direction, then doubling back at breakneck speed. Complementing a story riddled with surprises is an aesthetic that hooks instantly: all of Trüberbrook’s scenes and backdrops are handmade, receiving real-world illumination and redesigns in order to simulate the cycle of seasons and time.

You’re Hans Tannhauser, an American quantum physicist, and you’ve won a trip to Trüberbrook. The rural German town is sparsely inhabited by quirky people with strange stories. Stranger still, you don’t seem to remember having entered any sort of contest for a trip to Trüberbrook… The game starts with lavish set design and ends with lavish set design, providing stage after stage of breathtakingly beautiful scenes. Because everything is made by hand, Trüberbrook invites the eyes like few other titles. Everything is lushly tangible, and backtracking only forces you to spend more time appreciating the minutiae.

Trüberbrook‘s gameplay is appropriately simple. In true point-and-click fashion, you’ll spend a great deal of time…pointing and clicking. Click everything eight times, then circle back and do a few more clicks just to be certain. The characters you interact with and Hans Tannhauser himself are coated with such a clever gloss of humor that it’s never a bother to have the same chat perhaps more than a time or two. Voice acting is strong, but you can click through most of the lines to accelerate the experience, if you were so inclined. Releasing on Steam March 12 and on Xbox One, Switch, and PlayStation 4 April 17, Trüberbrook is bound to be a petite-but-delectable bite for players looking to consume something outside of the normal indie fare.