Darling Teaser Demo for Scrap Story Now Live

Charming in myriad ways we didn’t know we needed in our lives, Scrap Story is a ferociously warmhearted little indie quietly in development by a newcomer developer with no name as of yet. Now, a teaser demo is live, offering a taste of Scrap Story for interested players to sweetly savor. The demo is only for Windows at the moment, but Mac and Linux versions are supposedly on their way. Scrap Story is a paper adventure with platforming, battles, and characters that are just too stinkin’ adorable. Said Scrap Story‘s Twitter account in a Tweet earlier today:

“Just going to leave this here: By the way, when you work on something for so long it is very hard to observe it from the outside, so any feedback/critiques/bug reports are greatly appreciated.”

The link was for the long-awaited teaser demo page, which has had Scrap Story‘s community in a frothing frenzy for hours. What additional systems Scrap Story might come out on, and when, are hot subjects for debate. For now, the nameless developer appears content to consume feedback, and indeed is encouraging responses from their fans. For continued news, or to share ideas about Scrap Story after dancing with the demo, keep a keen eye on the Scrap Story Twitter.