2D Pixel-Art Flynn: Son of Crimson Coming 2019

California-based Studio Thunderhorse is developing Flynn: Son of Crimson, a lush 2D title rife with adventure, character, and style. Originally and successfully launched on Kickstarter in 2017Flynn: Son of Crimson has slowly but surely been reaching a state of completion, and now looks forward to an eventual 2019 release date. Play as Flynn, a young man with a mystical (and adorable) companion named Dex. Weapon in hand, take on the malicious mysteries swirling in Flynn’s teetering world. Says Flynn: Son of Crimson‘s Steam page:

“Traverse a beautifully hand crafted world and unearth the mysteries of a dark past in this fast paced 2D action platformer. Explore a wondrous world filled with discovery, taking place in unique regions designed with non-linear exploration. Swap between multiple weapons with quick and satisfying combat.”

Alternate dimensions, trinkets, and canine playtime are all promised in this delectable pixel-art adventure. An official release date for Flynn: Son of Crimson has yet to be announced, but it’s at least certain to release on Steam when it does. If we’re lucky, other systems may swiftly follow.