Fantastically Funny In-Development Iron Corbo: Kung Fu Janitor Looks Brilliant

UPDATE (3/26/2021): Developer links and media have changed since this original article. Iron Corbo: Kung Fu Janitor has a new website and studio 2D OS has a new Twitter handle. The original YouTube video was taken down by the developer. See the new trailer here.

Successfully bringing something brilliant and new into an overpopulated gaming industry is nothing to sneeze at. While Iron Corbo: Kung Fu Janitor may not be out, yet– may not have a release date, yet– shoot, may not even have a STEAM page, yet– it already shines as an unusually clever and covetable indie gem. In development by China- and Canada-based Studio 2dOsIron Corbo is a self-proclaimed tower-defense platformer with delectably rich art, hilarious character designs, and foot-tappingly catchy music. Iron Corbo is described with the following:

“Iron Corbo: Kung Fu Janitor is a single player, Dark Souls x Smash Bros, tower defense platformer ​about a self assured, past his prime, Shaolin master; who’s taken up the broom.​ Corbo himself is a bit past his prime and in dire straits. Will players be able to help mend strained family ties, earn the trust back from his masters and stabilize Corbo’s health? Answers await the earnest of players. Despite all this, thankfully Corbo will make plenty of new friends along the way. Town hubs will greet him, locals ask for some janitorial aid, exchange goods for garbage, teach new combat abilities and provide crucial upgrades to equipment.”

Iron Corbo‘s trailer has us sold. Rarely does a trailer get so many things right so early on in the game’s development process. Little is known about any finalized plans for release, however. Will it be a PC-only launch? Will it come this year? Will we see an Early Access mode first? Will Corbo be able to sweep away all the outrageously illustrated enemies in his path before he (or we) die of old age?! We need to know. You need to know. The Studio 2dOs Twitter posts tidbits occasionally, leaving breadcrumbs for us to greedily swallow in anticipation for the full thing. If we’re very, very lucky, we may be charging with Corbo and his broom through gorgeous, masterfully humorous levels to a catchy beat before 2020 is upon us.