Game Preview: Rainswept by Frostwood Interactive

Rainswept, studio Frostwood Interactive‘s murder mystery title, isn’t afraid to engage the waterworks. Come its release on February 1, players will quickly find that Rainswept hits the accelerator on the storyline and lands a serious punch with a plot that revolves around a bullet to the side of the head. Travel to the town of Pineview as Detective Stone, a man sent to investigate a murder case that seems — to everyone else — to have already solved itself. Detective Stone’s skepticism is the catalyst that carries Rainswept forward and challenges not only the town in its assumptions, but Stone and his own lingering troubles from the past.

Rainswept features a simple aesthetic style paired with an unobtrusive and emotionally compelling soundtrack. Gameplay consists of point-and-click actions as you traverse various scenes and investigate a swath of minutiae. Select from various dialogue options to either offend or assuage townspeople as you look for clues to a mystery that only you believe in, and scramble ever nearer the answer you so desperately hunt, and yet so strangely long to hide from.

Rainswept launches on February 1 on Steam, a suitably melancholic accompaniment to the blustery February weather we’re already looking forward to. For a sneak peek ahead of time, the hour-long demo is still available for your viewing pleasure.