Game Preview: The Greater Good by Sam Enright

The Greater Good, planned for release on October 23, is one man’s love letter to electronica, RPGs of yore, and thoughtful storytelling. Developed and published solely by Sam EnrightThe Greater Good is an affectionately handcrafted turn-based indie that delivers a compelling tale swathed in a unique minimalism.

Play as Flint, a  mysterious soldier conflicted and confounded by abilities that make him unwelcome in the kingdom whose army he serves. Ultimately finding himself rejected by said kingdom, Flint must strike out on his own to discover not only the meaning behind his magic, but also the path towards unity and prosperity for a land torn asunder by war and misled loyalty, as well.

Gameplay is turn- and time-based. Each turn is timed such that, once your bar is ready, you can choose an action with which to best damage your foe. Standard RPG elements apply: skills recharge based on successful attacks, elemental abilities cost magic power, and items can be utilized in order to gain the upper hand. Experience is awarded with every victory, leading to level-ups that boost your base stats. Equipment, monstrous enemies, loot drops — all that you’d look for in a title in this vein is present in The Greater Good.

Backed by a superb soundtrack and writing that is consistently witty and surprising, The Greater Good is a charming indie that never grows too complicated for its own… good. From its visual aesthetics to its sound design, everything is clean, simple, and to the point. The Greater Good releases on October 23 on Steam — a fine testament to one man’s dedication, perseverance, and keen eye for a good story.