Game Overview: My Memory of Us by Juggler Games

Anything swathed in Patrick Stewart’s expressive, unmistakable tones is bound to be a treasure worth keeping — and My Memory of Us pays tribute to its narrator tenfold with its bittersweet story, striking visuals, and timeless themes. My Memory of Us, studio Juggler Games‘ first title, released October 9 on Steam and Xbox One. This indie takes inspiration from the occupation of Poland during World War II and the stories of struggle, love, and strife that linger still from that era.

In My Memory of Us, play as a pair of young children suddenly enmeshed in the gritty world of adults. A robot occupation takes their innocent friendship and whirls their lives in a direction they never could’ve foreseen. To traverse My Memory of Us‘ fantastical landscape, you must conquer the slew of puzzles that’ll be placed in your way. Challenges range from casual stealth to relatively complex riddle-solving with numerical padlocks.

My Memory of Us folds history into fantasy seamlessly, utilizing allegory to tell a familiar tale with a touching blend of tenderness, earnestness, and imagination. Ultimately, however, the core thematic element of the story is clear: the power and the importance of universal friendship. My Memory of Us is now available on Steam and Xbox One, and speaks volumes on what can next be expected from the thoughtful and talented Juggler Games studio.