Game Overview: Grimmwood – They Come at Night by Big Moustache Games

Conquer the midnight frenzy of monsters in Grimmwood – They Come at Night, a superb and intelligent survival MMO that manages to strong-arm you into working with  complete strangers to succeed — and mysteriously, makes you have a good time while doing it.

Big Moustache Games’ Grimmwood is a self-described “challenging co-op MMO, seamlessly blending elements of survival, strategy, and exploration.” It’s not kidding when it calls itself “challenging,” by the way — and that’s part of how they convince you to work willingly with your neighbor. Should you be the only villager striving to improve the village’s defense before midnight, it would be nothing short of a miracle to see you survive. Coordinate with a handful of other real-life players, however, and it’s a different story entirely.

Somehow, Grimmwood manages to remind one simultaneously of Darkest DungeonDon’t Starve, and Sid Meier’s Civilization.  Explore tiles outside of the village to discover points of interest like dead bodies (yay, loot) and hunting grounds (yay, dinner). Manage your character’s hunger, thirst, and sanity levels to ensure their optimal performance. Craft food, village reinforcements, and weapons to support your fellow villagers and their home. It’s all done extremely well, and the art and complementary soundtrack are nothing short of original.

Grimmwood launched on August 2 at a $14.99 price point, and is, at the moment, available for $13.49 on Steam. If you buy it, do yourself a favor and give the Wiki a glance before you begin. You’ll thank us later.