Game Preview: A Monster’s Expedition

Humans may be a thing of the past, but the trinkets and curios they’ve left behind are a fascination of the present in A Monster’s Expedition by Draknek & Friends. You are the monster. You’ve arrived at an outdoor museum of sorts, a museum shrouded in fog and begging to be explored. As you creep your way across the shallows, exhibits mark your progress, detailing the curious lives of the often-confusing and ever-hilarious human species.

Powering A Monster’s Expedition is a puzzle system that offers increasingly hearty challenges. Soft, atmospheric music keeps the blood pressure low as you knock down trees in pursuit of the next island, the next exhibit. The mechanics are simple, but never overly–when you’ve made it to a new area, you may not have broken a sweat, but you certainly would’ve earned it. “Undo” and “reset” options allow you to try new combinations of pathways over and over again with ease, although be careful with that reset–you never know when you’ll be backtracking to that amusing exhibit you saw last.

The writing behind humanity’s assorted exhibits is the frosting on an already delectable cake. Stand in awe of everything from a toilet to a roller coaster. Just…don’t expect the monsters to have gotten everything right. And do expect to find yourself chuckling. A Monster’s Expedition launches on September 10 for mobile and PC.