Story-Driven Puzzle Platformer Inmost Officially Announced

Developer Hidden Layer Games officially announced yesterday, alongside publisher Chucklefish Games, Inmost — a puzzle platformer that looks to be as macabre, and as atmospheric, as a pixel art Limbo surely would have been. Defining itself as a story-driven puzzle platformer, Inmost will allow you to explore a morose universe with three different characters and two different worlds — a dangerous universe in which you’ll be called upon to trap enemies and explore, explore, explore.

If anyone dare proffer the thought that pixel art games are dead, they’ll be quickly forced to slink back into the caverns whence they came after this latest slew of tremendous announcements. Joining the line-up of 2019 indie titles including From Heart We Make’s Orion – Shadow of JerobaInmost is yet another staggering piece of proof that not only is pixel art not dead, but so alive and well that it’s starting to overshadow some of the other art forms in the industry.

Inmost will release on PC in 2019, and for now we’ll have to content ourselves with fellow pixel art titles such as Dead Cells and Death’s Gambit. There are definitely worse ways we could be spending our time. And when Inmost does come out? Based on the way it looks at the moment, it’s sure to consume us immediately and entirely, and linger with us long after the credits roll.