Find Bullethell Bliss in Upcoming Pixel-Art ITTA

2019 is looking ever better every day. ITTA joins the roster of upcoming 2019 indie titles including Inmost and Orion – Shadow of Jeroba as a pixel art adventure that deviates from its fellows in one massively important way: ITTA promises us, at last, bullethell bliss. Solo developer Jacob Williams of Glass Revolver is actively working on this potential indie masterpiece that, come its release, we surely won’t be able to keep out of our libraries. ITTA‘s Steam page claims:

“ITTA weaves a personal and compelling narrative throughout an experience that will challenge you every step of the way, rendered with beautiful minimalist pixel graphics and an atmospheric original soundtrack.”

It furthermore promises to have “simple to pick up but tough to master twin-stick shooter combat” and “unique and monstrous bosses that will test your mettle.” Based on the new teaser trailer released on July 30, ITTA looks like it will happily deliver on everything it guarantees, with vicious bullethell combat alternating between meditatively beautiful areas and bosses that have a touch of thoughtful morbidity.

ITTA is currently planned for a 2019 Steam release, and you can join us in eagerly following its progress through Jacob Williams of Glass Revolver’s Twitter account.