Fantasy Rogue-like Orion Drops Delectable Pre-Alpha Teaser Trailer

We’ve been graced with early footage of Orion – Shadow of Jeroba, and we really, really like what we see. Orion is being developed by France-based Almost Games Studio, spearheaded by two gentlemen named Clément and Stéphane. Given that it’s self-described as being “…at first an encounter between a game designer and a graphist,” it’s easy to see where these two disciplines have beautifully and harmoniously collided to create Orion.

Glorious pixel-art abounds in this eye-catching little adventure, where you’ll encounter unique biomes, bosses, and monsters that want to murder you (of course). Orion promises non-linear progression and an array of weapons and spells for your customizing pleasure as you make your way through a dangerous, albeit visually flabbergasting, world. Also, cubes? The music of the trailer is atmospheric and wholly appropriate to the unique artistic style, and we have high hopes for a soundtrack that bolsters Orion‘s universe and stays on repeat in our otherwise-cold gaming hearts.

Orion doesn’t yet have a release date, but its completion is anticipated for 2019. For now, we’ll have to gobble up these delightful tidbits of information Almost Games Studio feeds us, and try and forget we have such a long wait for something surely so worthwhile.