Castlevania-Inspired Dead Cells Announces Release Date

Currently in Early Access with a freshly-promised launch date of August 7, Dead Cells is an action-platformer that has no qualms about claiming its Castlevania roots, and does so proudly. Dead Cells was recently mentioned by Lobosjrgaming on Twitter in his July 10 Tweet, stirring the excitement of players who hadn’t yet laid eyes on this charming, and probably brutally difficult, indie:

“Holy crap, this August is the ‘March 2017′ of 2018. Lotta good releases comin’. August 7 – Dead Cells August 9 – Monster Hunter World PC August 14 – WoW: BFA, Death’s Gambit Gonna be hard to balance all these titles.”

July 10 was also the day of developer Motion Twin’s announcement of a release date:

“That’s said, let’s move on to the big news: we finally have a firm, definitive release date! Dead Cells will launch on August 7 2018.”

Dead Cells has already been in the hands of Metroidvania fans since May of 2017, and thus far it’s impressed just about everyone. It features our ever-favorite mechanic of permadeath, alongside 2D combat that warns you ahead of time that you’ll need to learn how to roll. (Yes, we smell Dark Souls-inspired on this one, too. Then again, everything smells like Dark Souls-inspired nowadays.) New levels are unlocked with every death, and there  will be secret rooms, teeth-gnashing bosses, and ‘cuddly creatures’ to play with.

Dead Cells will release on Steam, the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One on August 7.  If you can’t wait that long, you can snag it in its Early Access phase now and feel like you’ve accomplished something. Either way, this is definitively a title to watch for come August, if only for the delectably good art.