2D Action Platformer RPG Death’s Gambit Out Now

If it’s occurring to you that the normally-dead season for games — summer — has been, this year, abundant with startlingly good newcomers, you aren’t alone. Following in the wake of tremendous surprise launches like Dead Cells, and sandwiched by upcoming titles like Guacamelee! 2Death’s Gambit is an equally break-out entry that is yet another remarkable, and welcome, addition to our indie libraries that we didn’t see coming.

Death’s Gambit is a 2D, RPG-focused action platformer that released on August 13. Studio White Rabbit developed, while Adult Swim Games (yes… Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, also known for Rain World and a handful of other small titles) published. Play as an agent of Death, bound by a contract that grants immortality at a high price. Combat is precise and demanding, and unlike Dead Cells, the levels are not procedurally-generated.

With intriguing pixel-art graphics and many attributes that have us swooning over the lingering flavor of Dark Souls, Death’s Gambit is another entry with which we can task our patience in the best possible way. It’s out now on PC and PS4, and with a meager price tag of $19.99 that makes it impossible not to snatch up in a hurry.