Momentum Platformer The King’s Bird Available Aug. 23

In an industry saturated with atmospheric platforming indies, how does one leap above the roiling crowd? Simple — leap, and then fly. The King’s Bird, a “momentum platformer” developed by Serenity Forge, launches on August 23, and promises to do just that. Calling its momentum mechanic a “new yet easily accessible take on the precision-platforming genre,” The King’s Bird will have us soaring through silhouetted kingdoms with “physics-based gliding.”

If the trailer is anything to base an early opinion on, it looks to be a highly satisfying tangent from the standard platforming genre. Its unusual platforming is complemented by soothing, simplistic, and wonder-inducing visuals, backed with an original soundtrack that takes flight with you and warms the soul. The King’s Bird promises, furthermore, to tell its narrative completely without text. This allows a blindingly bright spotlight on The King’s Bird gameplay and its aesthetic appeal — a spotlight that could seriously pay off, if both are done well.

The King’s Bird will launch on Steam on August 23, with potential console releases tentatively planned for the future. Should The King’s Bird be everything it looks to be, Serenity Forge will have a timeless work of art on their hands and in their portfolio.