Play Survival Turn-Based Overland in First Access

Granted, Overland‘s First Access build has been available for player purchase and pleasure since April 19, 2016 — but, with an indie that is this grippingly promising, “better late than never” couldn’t be more true. In development by studio FinjiOverland is a turn-based strategy title with a unique art style and a clever twist of utilizing procedurally-generated levels. Set in post-apocalyptic North America, Overland claims the following:

“Every random level is full of close calls and hard choices, even though the interface is approachable and easy to learn. Manage fuel supplies, weapons, and other items by making the right choices on the procedural roadmaps. Overland is a road trip straight into the heart of the cataclysmic event that changed the Earth forever.”

Overland guarantees a harrowing experience where no two situations are ever quite the same, requiring players to adapt and engage with their environment and their limitations to survive a world set against them. There’s no release date yet for the full version of Overland, but it can be purchased from their website for $20 in its First Access form. It’s worth noting that Finji is the publisher behind the upcoming TUNIC and the already-released and much-beloved Night in the Woods. They know what they’re doing, and we can’t wait to see the end result of their thrilling Overland.