Early Access Opens Nov. 8 for Life Sim Kynseed

Starting November 8, live and die in Kynseed, the life sim RPG garbed in endearingly lush pixel art. Developer PixelCount Studios boasts talent from the Fable series, adding a serious dash of credibility to this captivating indie’s name. In Kynseed, everyone ages — even your pets. And, true to real life, the light of those lives eventually flickers and fades out. Carry your legacy proudly onward through generations in this ambitious sandbox title. Why Early Access, you ask? PixelCount Studios answers:

“A game of Kynseed’s scope requires the sort of feedback and insight that only players can provide. It’s also equally important to us that we have open and accessible development where you good folks can not only help craft the game but also be part of a larger community. This game all began as a mere twinkle in our eyes, and we’ve been hard at work crafting that original idea into a full RPG sandbox experience. Having all of you along for that ride will make both the ride and the game all the better.”

Look for Kynseed on Steam come November 8 to enjoy it in its Early Access state. There’s naturally no full release date yet, but it sounds as though there’ll be plenty to appreciate in this initial build. Build relationships, explore, adventure, farm, and seek out the secrets to the world surrounding to your heart’s content — and know that everything will only get better from here.