New APICO Demo Is Generating a Honeyed Buzz

Swallow your fear of stings and rise to the challenge of being bee patron versus victim in APICO, brothers ellraiser and metakitkat’s wholesome in-development project. On August 31, the Twitter account for APICO announced the launch of a new demo, featuring a taste of the first few hours of what their beekeeping simulator has in store. APICO is described with the following:

“APICO is an upcoming casual-sim game about breeding and collecting bees. Set in a series of lush environments, it uniquely combines farm building, resource gathering & production, and beekeeping minigames.”

Too often bees are the malevolent enemies of your in-game experiences. APICO flips the norm on its head and puts you in charge of a fuzzy horde, responsible for their well-being and yours. Furthermore, since developers ellraiser and metakitkat intend to donate a portion of sales toward global beekeeping charities, your role in APICO will be responsibly mirrored in the real world, too. APICO is slated for release in January of 2021 on PC.

APICO Gameplay