NO STRAIGHT ROADS Zigzags Onstage August 25

Sometimes an adrenaline hit in the form of a fiery musical rampage is exactly what you had in mind for the weekend. NO STRAIGHT ROADS, developed by Malaysia-based studio Metronomik, is exactly that–a spunky romp that can barely contain its own musical talent. Directed by the lead game designer of Final Fantasy XV and concept artist for Street Fighter V, starstruck NO STRAIGHT ROADS is summarized by its developers thus:

“Start a rock band & end the EDM empire in NO STRAIGHT ROADS, a rockin’ action-adventure that mashes together rhythm-infused third-person combat with a kick-ass soundtrack!”

Rhythm plays a role, but it’s not the lead part in NO STRAIGHT ROADS. Instead, audio is a fully lived experience, touching every facet of the story, the visuals, and the combat. Explore the sights of Vinyl City as Mayday and Zuke, members of a rebellious indie rock band that refuses to bow to the EDM overlords. NO STRAIGHT ROADS promises to be just as sassy, colorful, and quirky as it makes itself sound, and it releases for all major systems on August 25.