Jumping Spiders Leap into the Limelight in Upcoming Webbed

Don’t worry–if you can’t handle our eight-legged friends, there’s an “arachnophobia” mode that turns your arachno-avatar into a blob. For the rest of you, studio Sbug Games has a spidery treat in store for 2021. On August 24, Riley Neville announced a name and trailer for Webbed, his in-development ode to the ineffably charming jumping spider. (That’s right, jumping spiders are charming, dangit. Have you ever seen one in real life?!) Webbed is described briefly with the following:

“Swing through the trees, spin sticky webs, and make friends with bugs! Be the adorable spider you’ve always wanted to be.”

Your jumping-spider boyfriend is in danger, and it’s up to you to go on a high-flying adventure to save him. Master your webwork to navigate a treacherous wilderness full of deadly surprises. And don’t forget to…dance! Try out your famous nature-documentary moves on other friendly bugs. Webbed is planned for a PC release sometime in 2021.