Lead Your Eerie Family to Freedom in the Demo for Dap

In development by Australia-based studio Melting ParrotDap is an upcoming horror adventure with an eerie atmosphere that’s just to die for. A fresh update to the available demo went out late July as the studio continues to mold their creepy little project into a sinister final product. Dap is summarized thus:

“Dap is an action-adventure/horror game about collecting and interacting with cute little critters called Daps. Set in a a lush forest world beset by an alien infection, battle strange monstrosities and scavenge for resources while using your Daps to help you along the way.”

The Daps are ambiguous, child-like creatures that must work together in order to flee their deadly imprisonment. You play as a Dap, let loose in a thorny world all too eager to snap you–and the fellow Daps you collect–up. Forage for resources, upgrade your abilities, and protect your defenseless brood against an onslaught of the dangerous and the uncanny. Dap is slated for a PC release sometime in January of 2021.