Dispel the Darkness in Lianthus, Out Now

Four months of dedicated game development by dev_dwarf has borne spookily delightful fruit. Lianthus, recently announced and simultaneously launched, is the candied apple of that labor, offering a sweet Halloween treat long before the season itself has crept in. Lianthus describes itself with the following:

“A small adventure game with sunflowers, magic, and skeletons. After the darkness is unleashed, journey through the light and dark worlds, rediscover your powers, and seal the dark away.”

Play as a skeleton toggling two worlds: One of sunshine and sunflowers, one of darkness and decay. While most games send you tromping through enemy skeleton hordes, your skeleton avatar is the hero of Lianthus. Gather your courage to journey through a two-sided forest and repair a shrine to dispel a shadowy threat. Lianthus is out now for PC only.