Announcement Trailer for Dogworld Raises the Woof

Announced today in a trailer and a tweet from developer LateralisDogworld is a brand-new 2D action platformer with a bite as big as its bark. A music composer as well as a solo developer, Lateralis fuses the two disciplines in Dogworld, a retro adventure with a radical soundtrack. And yes, functionality for petting the dog has already been promised. Rest easy. Dogworld is summarized thus:

“Shoot, jump, and slide your way through a ruined, mysterious, dog-filled world as you fight to save humanity from the clutches of a rogue AI named Daddy.”

Both platforming and combat challenges await in Dogworld–as do dogs. Lots of them. Talking dogs. Collect weapons and absorb abilities as you dig up the secrets of a broken world and face down a devious AI intent on your destruction. Dogworld is slated for a PC and Switch release, but “when” is still an open question.