Be Quickly Clever on the Draw in Gun Rounds, Out Now

Oregon-based studio Blabberf launched Gun Rounds on August 2, offering mobile and PC gamers a welcome and pixel-perfect break from the norm. A study in minimalist design, Gun Rounds is a bite-sized, stripped-down adventure that tests how quick you are on the draw–and how smart you are about it. Gun Rounds is described with the following:

“Gun Rounds is a game about a small, squishy person battling their way through swarms of enemies. A turn-based shooter with roguelite elements, Gun Rounds will challenge your tactics, sharpshooting skills, and reflexes!”

Gun Rounds features an array of weapons, treasures, and enemies folded into its tiny package. Four different worlds await, and more color palettes unlock as you progress toward a final and secret-shrouded boss. Gun Rounds is out now for mobile and PC.