Gaming Goes Meta in Upcoming qomp, Announced for 2020

A dream team has united under the fluttering banner of qomp, an upcoming puzzle-platformer announced on July 27. Miroko (Lorera, Gato Roboto), Clovelt (META-ZETA), Britt Brady (Gato Roboto), and Stuffed Wombat (Gutwhale) are collaborating on the development of this one-button adventure that takes you on a journey beyond what’s normally on-screen. Five words were enough for the four developers to describe their project:

“You are the Ball. Escape.”

You’ll recognize the paddles; you’ll recognize the ball. But do you know what lies just past those chalky white lines? What’s outside their pixel confines? You don’t–but you’re about to. In qomp, take control of the ball and guide its flight to safety and freedom. Everything will stand in your way, and you have only one button to move you. In a delightfully meta fashion, qomp takes you on an unexpected lark through a seemingly traditional landscape. qomp releases sometime this year for PC.