Newly Announced Cloud Gardens Breaks Ground This Year

Poignantly beautiful in message and scope, Cloud Gardens is a newly announced title centered around delicately balancing the natural with the manufactured. Cloud Gardens is being developed by Noio, an Amsterdam-based studio led by Thomas van den Berg, creator of KingdomThe existence of this new project was broadcast on July 28 along with the following summary statement:

“Plant seeds, learn how to make them thrive and create lo-fi dioramas of urban decay.”

Cloud Gardens offers players a variety of ways to engage with the dioramas at hand. Both a sandbox and a campaign mode are planned; the former will see players expressing their creativity as they desire, while the latter walks players through six chapters with specific tasks. Decaying remnants of an industrial world must be countered with effusive green growth, and the result of that exchange must be a harmony rather than a solo. Cloud Gardens is slated for an Early Access release on PC sometime this year.