The Zombies Are Your Fault in the Demo for Mayhem in Single Valley

It wasn’t a scientist with nothing to lose. It wasn’t a corporation with nefarious aims. It wasn’t a government with twisted values. It was…you. You started the zombie apocalypse. In Ontario-based Fluxscopic’s Mayhem in Single Valley, you play as Jack, a young boy who single-handedly starts the apocalypse. Mayhem in Single Valley is summarized thus:

“Mayhem in Single Valley is an action-adventure full of twists and radioactive squirrels. You are a teenager who’s just started the Apocalypse in his hometown. Now everybody hates you. Mix monster feeding with your housework and zombie assault with your family dinner. Welcome to Single Valley!”

This is no ordinary zombie story, and it’s no ordinary zombie shooter, either. Jack is a sweaty bundle of secrets, and gameplay consists of everything from rafting rivers to caring for a zombified zoo. Mayhem in Single Valley is slated for a PC release sometime this year, but you can get your hands on its radioactive fun right now with the free demo.