New Official Title for WildArts’s Loaf Game Goes Against the Grain

Evidently determined to tease the paper-loving community into a frenzy, Canada-based WildArts has released nothing but delicious bites of their upcoming title for years. Now, as of July 17, enthusiastic fans have something a little more substantial to chew on: an official title, announced on the WildArts Twitter. “Loaf” the game has become Born of Bread, and excitement for the development of this spunky adventure is rapidly rising. The synopsis for the game, pieced together from a promotional video from 2018, is this:

“A turn-based RPG with an emphasis on exploration and quirky characters. [Save] your homeland from ancient beings with the help of your friends.”

Born of Bread promises loads of cheerful sass, a lovely paper-inspired art style, and a world jammed with memorable characters. Not much is known yet about its future release, but Born of Bread is headed for a PC launch at the very yeast. Given that WildArts is a studio of just two, it will likely be a long time yet before we can get our kneady hands on this one.