6E6E6E Transmission States RADIO THE UNIVERSE Is Coming This Winter

On June 21, 6E6E6E shocked the airwaves with its announcement of a loose 2020 release window for RADIO THE UNIVERSE. According to the Twitter transmission, RADIO THE UNIVERSE lands sometime this winter. The mood-packed pixel title is described by solo developer Yuno Park with the following:

“Radio the Universe is a minimalist sojourn through a vast city aeons beyond salvation. A blend of heavy action and atmospheric exploration.”

A barren city is yours to explore in this deftly atmospheric adventure. Originally Kickstarted in 2013, RADIO THE UNIVERSE captured the imaginations of fans years ago and has continued to fuel an overloaded hype train ever since. Journey downward through a mercurial landscape, utilizing progression systems for weapons and abilities to silence unyielding foes. RADIO THE UNIVERSE is slated for a winter 2020 release on PC.