Get Your Pistons Pumping in Vandozer, Out Now in Early Access

Glorying in the freewheeling, fun-first attitude of flash games, physics-focused Vandozer is a hoot and a half. Solo developed by Seattle-based Space Bucket GamesVandozer bulldozed into Early Access on July 3, promising loads more levels and livestreams to keep the community engaged. Vandozer is summarized with the following:

“Take control of Vandozer’s three pistons to jump, skid, and cling your way through many challenging levels!”

Haul yourself about with the Vandozer’s three pistons, or take a break and stomp around with the four-legged and long-suffering Walker. The “Final Climb” awaits those who can master the simultaneously clumsy and complicated movement of Vandozer–an achievement intended to reward progression as well as mastery. Vandozer is out now in Early Access for PC.