Play with Proportions in the Easygoing Demo for Sizeable

For when that shot of boss-stomping adrenaline is not what you’re in the mood for, Belgium-based Sander Ambroos has just the answer. Sizeable is a low-stress, low-poly puzzler with a free demo available now. Sizeable is described with the following:

“Sizeable is a puzzle/exploration game about shrinking and growing the environment in order to find all the hidden objects that every little diorama hides!”

Each diorama features a distinct theme, ranging from a sun-soaked desert to a spooky mansion. Pull apart puzzles by playing with proportions, manipulating the size of the objects at hand to find hidden treasures. Sizeable is an exercise in meditative enjoyment, providing a warm atmosphere in which players can lose themselves and shake off the stress of the outside world. Sizeable is planned for a full release on PC later this year.