On July 23, Röki Freezes Players in Place with its Frosty Nordic Folklore

Snow in summer is strange, but stranger yet are the monsters lurking beneath that pearly glow. Röki, developed by England-based Polygon Treehouse, draws inspiration from Scandinavian folklore and splashes it onto a wintry canvas etched with intrigue. Long anticipated by the indie community, Röki is at last getting its moment to shine, and that moment is in the heat and heart of summer. Röki is summarized thus:

“Röki is an adventure game inspired by Scandinavian folklore – a dark, contemporary fairy tale underpinned by a touching narrative, an alluring art style, ancient puzzles and atmospheric exploration.”

Join Tove on her mission to rescue her family. Röki shuns combat gameplay and instead offers riddles and stories, exploration and adventure. What lies ahead for Tove is no mere walk through the woods–it’s a harrowing journey populated with mischievous creatures from myth. Röki launches for PC on July 23.