Free Download for the Fine-Tuned Symphonia Available Now

Team Spear and their platformer Symphonia prove, without a shadow of a doubt, that the future of indie gaming is in good hands. Paris-based Team Spear developed Symphonia as a graduate project for ISART Digital, a school for game animation and design located in France. The result of those efforts is a free demonstration of true talent–a musical experience that’s a treat for the ears and the eyes. Symphonia is described by the students with the following:

“Embody a violinist and awake a gigantic, forsaken world in this highly poetic platformer! Using your violin and bow, move towards the core of the realm to understand your role in this universe and play the best Concerto!”

In this bite-sized treat, you play as a mysterious violinist named Philemon. Navigate the orchestral world around you with your instrument, shaking awake that which slumbers as you share your music. Symphonia is available now as a PC download, but it may be headed next for consoles as an expanded title.