Pensive Bird Alone Announced to Leave the Nest July 9

It’s easy to close the door on the discussion about death, but instead Bird Alone flits its way into the room and settles down for a lovely chat. Created by George Batchelor and supported by the efforts of Eli Rainsberry, Allissa Chan, and Daisy Fernandez, Bird Alone is a ruminative fusion of philosophy, poetry, and art. It’s summarized thus:

“Become best friends with the loneliest bird in the world. Talk about life, make music, draw pictures and write poetry. Watch your friendship flourish as you grow old together.”

Bird Alone emphasizes friendship and togetherness, and it does so without sacrificing the sanctity and reality of loss. Befriend a lonely parrot and interact with it in real time, bonding through a variety of activities like writing poetry and sketching drawings. Play together, create together, and grow together through meaningful conversations born naturally from your own in-game decisions. On June 15, Bird Alone’s release date was announced to be July 9, and it launches only for mobile.