String Together Crafty Codes in KnotBot, Coming May

Coding exercises have never been so cleverly camouflaged…or so wickedly cute. Studio BeetBomb’s KnotBot is a visual and mental treat, challenging players to flex their programming muscles and rewarding them with whimsical art, rad music, and the world’s most adorable happy dance. KnotBot is described with the following:

“Program KnotBot on a quest of unique handcrafted puzzles, from sorting apples to fighting cute monsters. Solve the problems your own way, or take on the challenge to collect all the Golden Socks!”

Don’t worry–you won’t actually be called upon to “code” in KnotBot, but the inspiration behind the gameplay is clear. The handcrafted levels vary in difficulty and scale as you progress, so you don’t have to call yourself a programmer to make decent headway, either. KnotBot is currently planned for a PC-only release in May.