In-Development Wander in Wonder Is a Warmly Dreamy Ramble

Lose yourself in the magic of a marvelous, lovingly animated world in Wander in Wonder, Tokyo-based Komitsu’s upcoming adventure. Originally a graduate exhibition project, Wander in Wonder now looks forward to a path for public release. Komitsu describes the effervescent title thus:

“This work is an interactive animation piece on the adventures of a lost little rabbit wandering through the woods. As night draws near, wonder-working plants and flowers show the way.”

Point and click your way through lush, surreal landscapes–through a universe that you and your little rabbit are delightfully lost in. Clever color and brushstroke combinations make for a striking visual aesthetic, and the low-key gameplay promises that you’ll fully enjoy every touching moment, every whimsical scene. Wander in Wonder is tentatively slated for a 2021 release on mobile devices.