BELOW’s New EXPLORE Update Offers Some Much-Appreciated Mercy

Capybara Games’s BELOW is an atmospheric and brutally punishing phenomenon that took players by storm in 2018. BELOW‘s double-edged sword came in the form of randomly generated labyrinths haunted by the looming threat of permadeath. To spare the more tender players, Capybara Games promised an update that would make life a little easier. On April 7, that update dropped in the form of the EXPLORE mode, which is described with the following:

“The new EXPLORE mode tweaks and rebalances the game to present an experience that we think will be more approachable for many – and maybe even offer veteran players a way to return and relive their original adventure with less punishment.”

The EXPLORE mode enjoys various changes like the removal of Hunger and Thirst and the prevention of all one-hit deaths. Among other adjustments, all damage also becomes repairable bleed damage, and campfires don’t clear after use. The original mode is now called the SURVIVE mode, and save slots will be specific to each. BELOW released on the PS4 the same day the update went live, opening its eerie challenge to even more eager players. It is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.