May 19 Launch Date Announced for the Visually Arresting If Found…

In an electrifying announcement from Ireland-based DREAMFEEL on April 2, the upcoming visual novel If Found… received its official release date. Come May 19, If Found… opens a world crumbled–an internal world scarred by family strife, and an external one staring down the swirling darkness of a black hole. The layers are begging to be peeled back, and developer DREAMFEEL gives you just the tool: an eraser. If Found… is summarized with this simple sentence:

“If Found… is an interactive visual novel about going home, coming out and erasing everything.”

A complex narrative of humanity breathes underneath the gossamer of If Found…‘s arresting visual veil. Turn the pages of Kasio’s story to relive her return to West Ireland in 1993. Her chronicle details 28 emotional days–28 days until, inevitably, inexorably, the end arrives. If Found… releases on PC and mobile on May 19.