First Trailer Hatches for Fledgling Metroidvania SHEEPO

On April 2, solo developer Kyle Thompson released the first official trailer for his upcoming SHEEPO. A self-proclaimed “pacifist metroidvania,” SHEEPO‘s unusual creature-collection, platforming-exploration mash-up has more than one pair of ears perked. Featuring music by Eric Thompson and a whimsical accompanying aesthetic, SHEEPO promises something a little to the left of the norm. SHEEPO is described with the following:

“Explore a strange planet, collect the creatures you find, and then shape-shift into them to expand your world. Build your own path, chat with unusual characters, and explore the deeper reaches of the planets sprawling…”

In order for Sheepo to transform into the various creatures he must be to traverse the dangerous world he inhabits, he must first collect eggs. These eggs belong to the creatures’ queens, and stealing such precious prizes is dangerous business indeed. Embrace the abilities of each new transformation as you uncover the secrets of a sprawling world. SHEEPO is planned for release this year on PC–console launches may come later.