Grasp the Knife of Your Nightmares in She Dreams Elsewhere Demo

In a time plagued by bizarre nightmares on a global scale, a title like She Dreams Elsewhere is right at home. She Dreams Elsewhere is a turn-based adventure delving into the chaotic mind of the comatose Thalia Sullivan. Ohio-based Studio Zevere is the developer behind the retro-styled RPG, and they describe it as the following:

“A surreal adventure RPG about dreams, nightmares, and how they reflect our inner emotions. You play as a comatose woman who must delve into her dreams to confront the nightmares preventing her from awakening… Welcome to your coma, enjoy your stay!”

She Dreams Elsewhere promises a “deeply personal narrative” that will undoubtedly speak to the unspeakable monsters that lurk in us all. The battle system is designed to be confronted in a variety of customizable ways, and a New Game Plus mode extends the nightmare of your playthrough indefinitely. A demo for She Dreams Elsewhere is available for PC, and the full version is due out sometime this year.