Demo for Dreamscaper Opens Eyes April 8

Whether we’re awake or locked in some hellish dreamscape is a pertinent question for the chaotic today. Explore the nightmare of lucid dreaming in-game with Dreamscaper, an upcoming action RPG in development by San Francisco-based Afterburner Studios. Come April 8, dip your toes into Dreamscaper‘s chilling waters with the Dreamscaper: Prologue, a beta demo with roughly five hours of gameplay. The prologue is summarized thus:

“A surreal, roguelite inspired action RPG with modernized hack’n’slash combat about lucid dreaming. Dreamscaper: Prologue gets you familiar with the game mechanics to hone your skills in warping the dreamscape. DREAM. DIE. WAKE. REPEAT.”

Swathed in the eerie notes of a dynamic soundtrack and a surrealist landscape of dreams, Dreamscaper promises an experience that will leave you both longing for and terrified of the cold caress of sleep. Immerse yourself in the story and subconscious of Cassidy as you challenge enemies, experiment with skill combinations, and rise up against the horror of all-too-real nightmares. Dreamscaper: Prologue opens for free on April 8 for PC, while the full launch is slated for this summer. Sweet dreams are not made of this.