Go for a Droll Stroll in A Monster’s Expedition, Coming Soon

In a world teeming with real monsters, a droll monster romp is a refreshing twist on the same old song and dance. Alan Hazelden of Draknek studio announced on March 12 that A Monster’s Expedition Through Human Exhibitions is coming “soon” to PC. Previous games by Draknek & Friends include A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build and Cosmic Express. A Monster’s Expedition features the same minimalist, whimsical aesthetic present in the earlier titles, as fans will be eager to note. Draknek describes the latest project thus:

“A brand new adventure tour for monsters who love to learn about humans! An adorable and relaxing open world puzzle adventure.”

See humanity through alien eyes as you build pathways, solve puzzles, and island-hop your way to a good time. Winsome and humorous, A Monster’s Expedition–when it arrives–will be a welcome distraction from the monsters lurking outside our real doors. A Monster’s Expedition has been announced for PC “and more” sometime “soon.”